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My Professional Best Friend

Where there is connection, there is light

The over 55s` online  friendship service

        What it is:

        A friendship service if you are aged 55 and over,

        when you need someone to talk to

  1. ​Phone or video call 

  2. 100% confidential

  3. Non-judgmental

  4. Short sessions available as often as needed

  5. A safe place to share, vent, reminisce and offload

  6. Encouraging and uplifting

  7. Here for the small and big things of life

       What it is not:

  1. Not professional counseling

  2. Not a place to get a diagnosis for any of your medical conditions

  3. Not an adult content site

  4. Not a place to get professional/directed guidance


By booking an appointment you acknowledge the above and the detailed Terms and Conditions outlined on the top of the page under the Terms and Conditions tab​

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