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Hello, my name is Bea. I have had many challenges growing up in a foreign country that made me the person who I am today. Those challenges did not stop even after I moved to my 4th new country to live; The USA and embarked on life as a newly divorced single mom to a teenager.

Like everyone else, I have been through heartache, disappointment many-many times. During the challenging times, oftentimes I found I just wanted someone to connect with, who is just there just to be there, just to listen. My family was not always available due to the time difference and counselors were neither within reach nor within budget. Furthermore, I did not necessarily want to be in a session for an hour or beyond multiple times a month.

I just needed someone to chat to, sometimes just briefly.

Except there was no-one. I was yet to make friends and connections in my new home. The loneliness was oftentimes crippling.

That is why I created My Professional Best Friend.

Because sometimes we just need someone who

will listen in a non-judgmental way, without giving advice,

just like a good friend could.

Just knowing someone is there and is present in an understanding manner,

sharing in the joy, success & disappointment of everyday life,

someone whom you can connect without any special reason.

Someone to reminisce about times past, to share stories with.

From the small things in life to the more, life defining ones.

I am here and ready to listen to YOU.

Why choose me? Because I offer short sessions unlike traditional counseling

and I am available at short notice. As frequently as required.

So, if you need a friendly voice to converse with,

book a session with me today, even in the happy times.

Remember, there is no need to have a reason to connect.

Everyday-life should be a reason enough.

I offer phone and video (zoom) sessions- whatever works best for you.

Please,  don't forget to recommend me to your grandparents,as I know all ages can benefit from being heard especially the elderly.

I look forward to connecting and giving you a pair of listening ears.




What it is not

  1. Not professional counseling

  2. Not a place to get a diagnosis for any of your medical conditions

  3. Not an adult content site.

  4. Not a place to get professional/directed guidance. I am not a licensed counselor. 

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