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                                                          Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs)

      By booking an appointment with me, you are signaling that you have read and accepted the       T`s & C`s.

  • The service is intended for ages 18 and up, one person at a time. This service is currently offered within the USA only.

  • Cancellation for a full refund (minus credit card/processing fees) is only possible with at least 2 hours of notice given. 

  • Beyond this time (less than 2 hours from the appointment) you can reschedule your appointment to another more convenient day and time by emailing or texting (480)-808-0827 (this line does not actively accept calls but is monitored for texts and voice mails left). For a short notice cancellation (less than 2 hrs of notice), you can request a partial refund (in this case a $10 short-notice cancellation fee and any other card/payment fees will be deducted before your funds are returned in the original form of payment within 48 hours. 

  • Please note that once you have participated in the service (regardless of the length of it), there are no refunds issued. No exceptions. 

  • It is not possible to reschedule an appointment that has already started. My time is as important as yours. I am kindly asking you give the respect and courtesy of sufficient notice (as much notice as possible) to reschedule/cancel your appointment.

  • While I understand life events can happen, Rebooking may be restricted if repeated short-notice cancellations occur.

  • I make every attempt possible at the start time of the appointment to reach you (will call/text at least 3 times before deeming you unavailable, please, provide a phone number upon booking.). However, if you are unreachable and no-show the appointment in its entirety, you do not qualify for a refund. Partially missed appointments or (zoom) calls by the client do not qualify for any proportionate refunds either. In the very unlikely event, that Bea is not able to keep an appointment, a full refund or the rescheduling of the appointment will be offered. 

  • Please, note that appointments always start on time and last for exactly the duration of the call booked and paid for. During the appointment, several reminders are given for the time left. Appointments that start later than the booked/agreed time slot due to the client, are not accommodated for any extra time missed. 

  • Bea has the right to refuse/decline service to anyone with no obligation to explain why.

  • Please, note, this is strictly a clean friendship service and by agreeing to the Ts & Cs, you also agree that no mature topic/content is discussed or displayed. Any inappropriate topic or behavior (nudity, drug use, violence, rudeness, etc) is observed during the phone/zoom call will result in the appointment immediately cancelled and the client banned. No refunds are issued if this occurs.

  • Calls are recorded and stored securely in the cloud for up to 2 years. Only the owner, Bea has access to any conversation history conducted via My Professional Best Friend.

  • I do not sell your personal information and any information of yours is kept securely on a laptop protected by a password only I have access to. I do not have access to any payment information of yours and all payments are processed securely and encrypted via Wix`s (my web host`s) payment platform. 

  • Calls are either a two-way face-to-face video call or a two-way voice call via Zoom.

  • Please, download Zoom for our voice chats by clicking here: . A link will be sent to your email address after you have booked your appointment through which we will be communicating on Zoom. I will join/enter our conversation a minute or two before our agreed time. Please, make sure you use the same email address for signing up to Zoom and as your primary contact method. 

  •  If you choose a video call, please have a video camera with mic ready. If you aren’t able to video call, the call will be reverted back to a two-way voice call. I am not able to video chat, unless, I see you on the other end also. 

  • I take client confidentiality very seriously. My services are 100% confidential, this means I will not even make the acknowledgement of having you as a client to anyone else. There are exceptions though: Any information you share with me during our appointments are strictly kept between me and you. Exception: should you share something of criminal in nature, or any information that may put you or someone in harm`s way or any kind of infringement of the law is observed, I am bound to report this. By accepting the T`s & C`s you are agreeing to this. Any stipulation/decision that is not stated here but may fall under the Ts and Cs, is within the discretion of Bea (owner and operator of My Professional Best Friend) on a case-by-case basis.

  • If I feel I am no longer a right fit for your emotional needs as a professional friend, I will let you know this and will suggest you connect with a licensed counselor or a physician. 

  • Please note, I am not a licensed therapist and will not be giving you directed life advice. I will listen to and validate you. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you wish. Client agrees to keep these discussions within what is considered a "clean" conversational exchange. Any inappropriate behavior will consequently mean service being refused in the future. 

  • I am also not able to comment or diagnose any medical condition you may be experiencing. Please, call your primary care physician if you require non-urgent medical care. If you or someone else's life is in danger, please contact the relevant authority. I am not able to assist with any kind of life emergency.

  • You accept that this is not a licensed, professional counseling service and as such you will not be given guided advice on how to resolve the issues brought up by you during a session.

  • I  value referrals. If you refer someone, you get 50% off any appointment of up to 30 minutes in length once the person referred has had their first appointment with me. This referral scheme cannot be combined with any other offers. You can refer as many people as you wish.

  • By booking an appointment with My Professional Best Friend, you acknowledge all the above mentioned as part of the Terms and Conditions).

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